Winery Projects Overview

J. Villa & Company has worked on several Winery Projects in the County of San Diego. Including:

  • Wine Making Buildings
  • Wine Tasting Facilities
  • Private Wineries
  • Administrative Planning Permits
  • Permit Processing for:
    • Health Department Processing
    • Water Board Authority
    • and Fire Protection Approvals

Winery Projects Include

  • Custom Design
  • Permit Processing
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Management

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Successful Winery Projects

Some the program requirements that are critical to successful projects include:

  • Understanding the Winemaker’s process
  • Winemaking equipment
  • Storage requirements
  • Temperature control and more.

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When most people think of California Wine Country, they usually think of Napa Valley. But as impressive as the wines of Napa and Sonoma are, the wineries in Southern California are equally worthy of praise. As you travel around the lush hillsides in Southern California, you will find world-class wineries in districts such as Temecula, Escondido and Aguanga.

A new vineyard and winery facility deserves to showcase the fine quality of their wines. This takes planning and experience. The kind that J Villa & Company, Inc. can bring to the drawing board.

Not only do we design stunning wine tasting rooms and visitor centers, but we have the technical knowledge and creative design skills to create:

  • wine caves
  • fermentation cellars
  • and barrel storage

In addition, we have the range to design for small, family-run vineyards all the way up to large, world-class wineries. We want to hear about your winery project and bring it to life. Call today 760.688.7430