Construction Building Plans and Much More!

As the owner of Villa and Company, my love for the craft goes beyond the form and function. It seeks the detailed application of construction building plans. Hands-on experience has given me unique insight into technical design development and illustration. In addition, my understanding of historical methods inspires me! It allows me to stretch out to the future and create environments that inspire.

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Jeffery Villa


Check out the several winery projects we’ve done in San Diego County.

Marijuana Grow Facilities

Marijuana Grow Facilities
We work closely with growers to achieve their program objectives.

Custom Homes

Custom Homes
Custom homes require a vision. We work with you every step of the way.


Hotel remodels, additions and as built plans are some of our specialities.

Our Vision

Construction Building Plans

Construction Building PlansAlways keeping in mind that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our design contributions seek to fulfill function with practical, yet tasteful, solutions.

As the owner of Villa and Company, my love for the craft goes beyond the form and function. It seeks the detailed application. Hands-on experience has given me unique insight into technical design development and illustration. My understanding of historical methods inspires me to stretch out to the future and create environments that inspire.

Give us a call and let us provide you with a free design consultation
and estimate.

Jeffery N. Villa
Villa & Company

Villa & Company is primarily focused on pre-construction services. We offer all phases from initial site evaluation to permit issuance. All this while keeping your project’s budget in mind. Value engineering in the early design phase will help keep your project in budget and on schedule. We have years of experience with consultant coordination and permit processing. Consequently, Villa & Company delivers permits when you need them. Offering Construction Management and Construction Building Plans, Villa & Company can help see your project from design concept to completion.

Construction Building Plans

Our primary focus is on your pre-construction needs. From site evaluation to permit issuance we can handle every detail including permit processing. Our detailed construction building plans efficiently satisfy your design program and budget. Furthermore, your building code requirements are managed effectively.

Structural Design & Drawings

Early design concepts integrate efficient forms and structural systems. Construction experience gives us unique advantage to properly design and detail the structural plans. In association with licensed engineers Villa and Company provide high quality structural plans. Consequently they seamlessly integrate into your buildings design. You can rely on us for your construction building plans!

BIM Autocad User

Villa & Company utilize the latest building and information modeling systems to illustrate and prepare your building plans. 3d perspective models, digital renderings and construction documents are prepared for you. We are using Autocad, Revit and Adobe Photoshop.

Green Building Systems

Expanded polystyrene building envelopes, insulated concrete forms, Photo-voltaic electrical systems, Solar hot water heating and passive solar systems are all part of Villa & Company’s experience. Building life costs are considered and part of our planning process. In addition, we offer designed systems to offset high energy consumption.

Grading plan, Site Design & Planning

Villa and Company has designed hundreds of sites for grade and access to properly suit each clients needs. Designing the site to accommodate your new building is key the proper function of the property.

Industry Experience

Villa brings seasoned experience to your construction project. Moreover, we have designed in excess of 300 buildings and built over 15 large custom homes in the past 29 years, .

Construction Building Plans

Hospitality Building Plans

Hotel Remodels, Additions and As Built Plans are part of J. Villa & Company’s recent Projects. Building Design, Construction Documents and Building Permit Processing for Projects in the Palm Springs Area were part of the job. When working with Hospitality Clients attention is given to:

  • Access
  • Egress
  • Way Finding
  • Value Engineering
  • Optimizing Property Revenue

Medical Marijuana Building Plans

Marijuana Grow Facilities

Having worked on both indoor and greenhouse grow methods, we work closely with growers to achieve their program objectives. CO2 enriched environments, access control systems, electrical, heating, cooling, product processing and irrigation systems are all part of the many considerations involved when designing these facilities.

Construction Building Plans

Residental Construction Building Plans

J. Villa & Company has been providing residential building design, construction documents and permit processing for 30 years. We work closely with owners on New Residential Designs and Remodes.

Winery Building Plans


Wine Making Buildings, Wine Tasting, Private Wineries and Administrative Planning Permits. The Winemaker’s process, equipment, storage requirements and temperature control are some of the program requirements that are critical to a successful winery.

Custom Home Plans

Custom Home Building Plans

Custom home projects include custom design, permit processing, construction documents, construction management, project detail and custom design. Handled and built by Villa & Associates Inc.

Lot 3 Entrada De Luz East

This Tuscan estate home has a swim up grotto, waterfalls and luxury theatre make it one of a kind. With the wine basement and upper sky lounge this 9600 square foot mini resort is a Santaluz Hallmark.

More Santaluz Homes

Between 2004 and 2009 I was involved in designing over 40 homes in Santaluz. Here are some of my favorites.

Our goal is to contribute solid, functional and elegant design that is thoroughly expressed.