J. Villa & Company has worked on Marijuana Grow Facilities in the County of San Diego.

Projects for a Grow Facility Include:

  • Custom Design
  • Permit Processing
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Management

Cannabis Grow Facility

Project Details:

J. Villa & Company Inc. has provided Preliminary Design, Construction Documents and Building Permit Processing for several Marijuana Grow Facilities in the Southern California Region. We work closely with growers to achieve their program objectives while conforming to strict building, fire and planning requirements. Additionally, we have worked on both indoor and greenhouse grow methods, CO2 enriched environments, access control systems, electrical, heating, cooling, product processing and irrigation systems. These are all part of the many considerations involved when designing a grow facility.


Cannabis Grow Facility Consulting

Pre-construction: Before any project begins J Villa & Company, Inc. provides the leadership and due diligence to ensure the best possible location for your project. Consequently, our team of expert consultants includes city officials, fellow growers, and legal authorities. All of them are  well-versed in all grow house development, protocol. and requirements.

Design: In addition, we offer a full design team of experienced architects, engineers and industry leading vendors & consultants. Therefore, these efficiencies will help optimize your budget from the very beginning, and throughout the life of your project.

Construction Management: Our Escondido, California team can provide oversight anywhere in the US. Our management services include subcontractor, vendor & general contractor selection, and oversight. This can include all necessary governmental related support & legal assistance.

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