J. Villa & Company, Inc. has worked on several Marijuana Grow Facilities in the County of San Diego.

Projects Include:

  • Custom Design
  • Permit Processing
  • Construction Documents
  • Management

Marijuana Facility for Growing

Project Details:

J. Villa & Company Inc. has provided:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Construction Documents
  • and Building Permit Processing

for several Marijuana Grow Facilities in the Southern California Region. In addition, we work closely with growers to achieve their program objectives. All this while conforming to strict building, fire and planning requirements. Furthermore, we have worked on both indoor and greenhouse grow methods, CO2 enriched environments, access control systems, electrical, heating, cooling, product processing and irrigation systems. These are all part of the many considerations involved when designing these facilities.

Marijuana Facility for Indoor Growing and Cultivation

Your marijuana facility for growing should start with an excellent plan. Consequently, you’ll achieve excellent results. At J Villa & Company, Inc. you’ll have access to our in-house planners, designers and expertise, thereby maximizing your growing potential.

Why not start on the right path at the inception of your marijuana grow facility project? If you are just a small grower or need a large facility we can take your space from schematic design all the way to construction documents.

  • Includes elevations, layout and schematic design.
  • Construction documents ready for permitting
  • Handling of the permits and working with other agencies needed.

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